This blog was launched in late 2015 by two best friends in the hopes of helping other young people (like you) to conquer this life.
Searching for fashion inspiration? Advice on moving out without more than one existential crisis? Trying to crush the patriarchy with your bare hands? Just wanna watch a film that doesn’t insult your existence? We’ve got you covered!

From embarrassing stories about growing up over reviews of about anything you can imagine to Vivi’s lovely drawings: So far, our imagination hasn’t ever failed us.

Sure, we’re still learning, but we’d love for you to join us on this rollercoaster of growing up. Ideally, you could even learn from our own stupid mistakes.

We’re trying to post at least once a week.

After going to school together and growing up in the same town, there are now 349 km seperating us instead of the usual 2,4. Even though this doesn’t stop us from participating in each others’ lives just as much, this blog serves as a collaborative project that forces us to keep in touch, even if it’s through messages like “GET UP LOSER YOU GOTTA WRITE THIS DAMN POST.”

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And, most of all, have fun!

Coco is a lovely 20 year old lady who doesn’t always know what she’s doing, but will never fail to pretend that she does. Probably Coco Chanel’s long lost granddaughter, business woman in training, online shopper extraordinaire, the best doodlers I know and majoring in Political and Social Studies like the badass that she is.

Kerstin is like sunglasses emoji level cool and in theory an adult. Her qualities include being a talented writer even though she sadly does not brag about it as much as she should. Also her sense for aesthetic and music is A+. And yet she stayed down to earth and is best described as a humble, lovable, exophile human being.