Compulsory New Years Resolutions 2017


I want to be my own judge for the coming year. I want to be honest with myself.
You know, we seldom keep our New Year’s resolutions, and yet I think they are wonderful. As a human being, we need something to strive for, a goal we are motivated to reach.
Or to be alive for. Eventually it gets tiresome to stay alive just because of your family and friends. Haaah, anyways.
We will directly dive right into my resolutions. Straight to the point. Or not.
I am a diabetic. And I want to control my blood sugar more often. I promise. I promise Kerstin and my doctor and my mother, I even pinky promise.

I will stop smoking. I never really started, but it can go fast from “Oh, one while drunk won’t hurt” to “Heeey, let’s take the second cigarette break this hour because I can’t concentrate”. I am not exactly afraid to become addicted but I don’t want to play with the fire. Also smoking is expensive. Also it makes grey skin and saggy breasts.

      What I mean is: kids, it is not worth it, even though it is common and a group thing. It’s shit that smokers get more break time than non-smokers. It’s also shit that non-smokers get left out of all the information and gossip that take place in smoking circles.
It feels good to actually admit that I smoke. My mum saw me smoking two weeks ago when she got me from a party late at night. I was like “mum, chill” but had to listen to a lot of passive aggressive unappreciative remarks. I could have a lot of worse ‘habits’ mum. But I will stop.

As you might see, Health is my main theme for 2017. 2017 is the year of healthy habits. I want to grow healthy. In every aspect. Mental Health. Physical. I want to be able to run 10k at 6am without a problem at the end of the year. (That’s probably not gonna happen but I at least not want to waste a day in bed because I am unable to talk myself into standing up)

Also, like most people I want to safe up money for travel. I have worked on my budget plan this week and it will function!
This year, I will save up for a trip to London in Spring to visit some friends doing an au-pair year. And in the summer a road trip to Croatia.
Next year it is Tokyo with Kerstin hopefully (let us ladies dream) and an apprenticeship, somewhere not home.
The year after I will be studying a semester abroad in… maybe Estonia or Lithuania. That would be the optimal plan.

How will I continue with my tattoos? First one happenend at the end of August 2016. I think I will leave at least six months between the last appointment and making a new one. Thus in February, it is due.

And last but not least, how will I handle alcohol? I tell you what: with great pleasure!

That should be all. Tonight I will hopefully end up passed out drunk.
But let’s start 2017 with a smile and end it with champagne.


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