10 Thoughts On A Thursday Afternoon

1. I have no idea what to make of the fact that I’m a legal adult.

2. I don’t allow myself to seek the company of interesting people because I think they’re too interesting for me.

3. Maybe anger is a better fuel than honest interest despite what everyone is saying.

4. I don’t know if my eyebrows are naturally great or if I’m really bad at styling my eyebrows or both.

5. For my whole life, I haven’t been apart from my mum for longer than a week, even though I don’t see her for more than an hour on a normal day.

6. In the few months after graduation I feel like I’ve learned more about myself and life (on the internet and in life itself) than in the year prior.

7. It’s still hot as fuck over here, and maybe autumn is waiting for me to crave it before it starts.

8. Maybe I’ll cry when my parents move out of this house even though I hate it.

9. I can’t wait to start an actual life and be a person again, but I also don’t want to be a person and deal with life.

10. How am I supposed to know where ‘leaving my comfort zone’ ends and insanity starts?


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