Launching This Rocket Right Here

I got the honor to write our first post. Officially launching our blog. Our baby. That we will hopefully nourish adequately and raise to be an exemplary assistant in helping people to get through life with more ease. And style. And maybe a bit of random knowledge and facts that will amuse people when you throw it at them during small talk because you are a helpless mess just trying to get swiftly through the day. Whatever.

So, we thought we’d begin with…our new chapter in the book of life. Kerstin as well as I will graduate this summer. Well, theoretically we did already. Since March we’re out of school and out of business until at least October.

And as relaxing and fun this time-out might be, slowly the effect of happiness is starting to wear off and ennui is starting to creep through my bones.
You are used to constantly use your head in school and constantly communicate with your fellow students and teachers and somehow make it through the day with all the obstacles that normal life includes.

And now it is my responsibility to care for my well being and not waste away all of my youth and time and abilities.
Since I have zero to no money, travelling and extending my horizon through that is clearly out of reach.
What else is there for me to do? Well. This question really brought me to my wit’s end. But fear not, eventually you always run into something. Even someone who is as reluctant to leave the bed as me.

So, these are the ‘to-do’s that it came down to:

  1. Get actual tan lines

Preferably not because of a strong sunburn.

  1. Improve my knowledge of botanics

Since it is almost too late to start with planting seeds this late for someone that is a beginner with just a huge interest I will try to at least teach myself a whole lot of important theoretical knowledge so I can be in time next year around.

  1. Work on an art project

Which will most likely be a comic. Kerstin actually planted that idea in my head because she loves when I doodle and she supports my drawings and wants to make me a better artist and it would also be in her favour because she has something pretty to look at. It will most likely include a lot of fashionable ladies. I want a rebel girl gang that screams #squadgoals. Hah.

  1. Learn how to skateboard

Finally something that includes a physical work out. I should definitely do more for my body. And by learning to control such a difficult piece of wood I will do just that. Also I get two or three nice bruises and some stories to tell. Yes.

  1. Learn all important skills so I can live alone

This has theoretically priority to everything else. Considering that I will move out of my parental supervision and into a flat I will inhibit all alone I will not allow myself to be helpless adult and phone my mum about ‘how do I keep my clothes clean and my tummy filled”  every other hour.

Yup. This is it. The basic list. The list with the skills I try to improve so I will not just nap again for three hours out of boredom. For another 3.5 months, I will consult this list and I promise to keep you updated. Or at least what I concluded from it. Maybe I can also inspire you or at least be an example on how to not do certain stuff. Sharing my faults and misfortunate events is what I like to do.

Okay. I am done now. The foundation for our blog is now lain.

So raise your glasses,



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